Le midi: bohemian brunch with a certain Je Ne Sais Quoi

It’s le weekend…and like me you are in Berlin. Perhaps you are craving a crusty baguette with some gooey fromage, instead of your typical nutritional German breakfast. A basket of one ham and two cheese, oeuf a-la-coque and chewy aniseed oh-so-nutritional Brot.

 So head to Le Midi! Bask in the sunshine of Marseille, cherish some Corsican products and seat yourself on one of the rickety green wooden chairs of this deli-cum-café’. Be transported away for your weekend lunchtime from Prenzlauer Berg to Corsica. Especially on these dreary February weekends when you wish the winter was already over!

I have a soft spot for Corsica, and a certain nostalgia since I spent my summers there for a good 10 years when I was younger… so I really enjoyed my selection of hams, lonzu and cheeses here the other day! Ahh all that was missing from this lovely little place was a whiff of the scent of the maquis, the Corsican shrubs that grow all over the island.

Anyway just letting you know you should head there too for today, I’ll be back soon with some more banter ;-)


Au revoir xxx


Le Midi

Greifenhagener Straße 17

10437 Berlin, Germany