Ta.bu At The Maison Particuliere, A Unique Venue In Brussels

I haven’t been doing too much in the way of exploring recently, but I did have the opportunity to visit this great exhibition called Ta.bu, in Brussels the other weekend.

Ta.bu is hosted in the Maison Particuliére, a stunning private building in the precious little neighbourhood of Chatelain in Brussels

The interior of the home is lavish and sleek – with a perfectly manicured and luscious garden at the back of the building, but what truly amazed me is the serenity of the space, which makes it the perfect venue to hold differing artistic endeavours.

The exhibition itself, a collective of different contemporary artists’ works, aims to gather and display that which is taboo, or rather censored and prohibited in different societies.

The show isn’t focused on European or western ideas of taboos, but rather attempts to collect and assemble differing perspectives of that which may be considered “prohibited” in varied contexts.  The result is a series of shocking or disturbing visual experiences but also some aesthetically pleasing and graceful ones. Altogether this is aimed at challenging our ability to create a single opinion regarding a most likely already archaic notion of “taboo” in our reality. Does it succeed? In order to make up your own mind, please visit:

Maison Particuliére

Rue du Châtelain 49,

1050 Brussels