Interlude/ The Life of Everyday Objects


What are your favourite objects from your childhood?

I have been absent in the last week because I spent a few days at home in Italy again. I had a doctor’s check up and everything was fine, so nothing really remarkable to report and no particular journeys or outings.

I did take a little time however, to take a few snapshots of the room I occupied at home as a child. We seldom take time to look at such spots with fresh eyes, and rarely do we realise how much of a personality or meaning the objects in these places may have in our stories.

I am a strong believer that objects have a soul and life of their own, and some times a comical one too- so here are a few shots of some fragments that caught my eye.

By the way the spooky looking ginger-haired doll is a vintage piece my aunty bought me from a flea market in New York- is anyone familiar with these types of dolls or does know anything about them?