5 Places you must eat at in Tel Aviv

I am sitting at a desk and as I look outside I can see a mountain of snow… Well, there aren’t really any mountains here in the city in Berlin, but it sure is cold. And we are moving home, relocating, and wading-in-the-snow! Enough to freak an italiana like me out. 


As I am freezing my behind and moving my belongings, I am dreaming of the heat, of summer holidays and yummy food! Last June I travelled to Tel Aviv, Israel, for the beautiful wedding of my fantabulous friend R. R. is pretty, witty and clever but not only, she also knows some GREAT places to eat in the city, which she kindly recommended to me. I’ve decided to share 5 of these places I think you shouldn’t miss if you are travelling to Israel. And if you’re not travelling anytime soon, well perhaps they will still warm your heart in the cold ;-)

1.     Falafel Gabbay.

This little joint happened to be round the corner from the Airbnb place I rented on Bograshov street. At first when I spotted it, I have to admit I thought: “A falafel place, well what’s the big deal?”

Well that was before I had THIS falafel. Most of the stuff you get in mainland Europe and the UK is dry and crumbly so I wasn’t prepared for this soft, squishy delicious bread and falafel combo you will forever dream about after you’ve taken a bite! 

2.   Abu Hassan (Ali Karavan)

You will visit Abu Hassan in Jaffa, the oldest part of Tel Aviv if only to try their unbeatable humus. This small spot serves almost exclusively humus, Masbacha and pita pread and they normally close after 2 p.m., so visit for breakfast or lunch. Get in there, quick! They are very popular and you will enjoy the authentic and buzzing atmosphere.

3.     Café Noir

This brasserie serves the best Schnitzel in Tel Aviv. But, you can get some damn good Schnitzel in Berlin too, so I didn’t primarily go for this reason. I do have to say I enjoyed my starters here just as much, and I found it pleasant and sleek to sit in this vibrant restaurant sipping on a glass of wine in this upmarket part of town. It felt very enjoyable and I thoroughly recommend it, if anything for the atmosphere.


4.   Tamara’s Yogurt

I love ice cream, froyo and all the lot so I couldn’t leave out Tamara’s. This frozen yoghurt joint has several stores in town and they produce delicious cups of the stuff covered in fresh berries, oreo cookies, caramelised nuts, you name the lot! They also do breakfast bowls and gorgeous icelollies in all sorts of creative flavours. Still waiting?

  5.   La Shuk

Last but not least, the lovely little La Shuk is probably my favourite of all the above. Their delectable tasting menu of Israeli specialities with a twist delighted me from start to finish, and the two young ladies that served us were courteous, energetic and knowledgeable. I have simply great memories of this one! 




Abu Hassan (Ali Karavan)

HaBarzel St 2,

Tel Aviv, Israel



Café Noir

Ahad Ha'Am St 43, 

Tel Aviv-Yafo, 65794, Israel


 Falafel Gabbay.

Bograshov St 25,

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel


La Shuk

Dizengoff St 92,

Tel Aviv-Yafo, 6433264, Israel


Tamara’s Yogurt

Ben Yehuda St 96,

Tel Aviv-Yafo, 63435, Israel