Where to go for a cozy weekend in England… Fawsley Hall

In a month’s time I will have lived in Germany for almost 2 years. Before that, I was in Belgium and spent some time in Indonesia. Even earlier than that, I had spent almost 16 years of my life in Italy (as a teenager and child), and almost 12 years in England (as an adult).

That’s enough to feel like I don’t really belong to one place, but also enough to develop an attachment and longing for certain places. I do in fact miss England a lot at times, especially the long drizzly weekends spent by the fireplace in the British countryside. 

I found these photos from a weekend a few years back. I had booked myself into Fawsley Hall, this grand manor in the Northamptonshire countryside surrounded by rolling hills.

I remember spending some time admiring the grand hall of this spa hotel. Having a bit of a time travel whilst I lost my self in the room’s elaborate ceilings, sunk down in a plush velvet sofa and drowned my winter blues in rich scone with strawberry jam and a warm cup of tea.

I remember walking around the hotel’s grounds and spotting the rounded silhouettes of sheep in the fog, feeling the majesty the house emanated.

I remember swimming in the warm pool whilst staring at the rain dropping outside, and tucking myself in a soft and springy bed after delicious dinner.

So here’s to my memories! I am grateful for these biting cold days in Berlin because they force me to turn inwards – to look back onto the old postcards in my mind that I had forgotten for years, to tap into my sensations. They allow me to find old photos and give them back meaning.

 If you live in England and fancy a lavish weekend like I had back in the day, below are the details for Fawsley Hall ;-)


Fawsley Hall

Fawsley, Daventry,

Northamptonshire NN11 3BA,

United Kingdom