VR Cinema Comes to Berlin!

Hey there! Just a quick note to tell you about my little adventure in virtual reality last night! Yes, you heard me well ;-) A VR cinema came to Berlin…

&Samhoud Media, an innovative and vibrant young company from Holland has decided to tour around Europe and share their virtual reality screenings with some cool young people (that’s the idea at least ;-)

For the rather convenient price of 8 euros- you can book yourself a 30 minute trip to another (in fact several other, dimensions) and munch away on some popcorn while you explore a refugee camp, a lunatic asylum and well…I won’t spoil the whole surprise.

The Berlin event last night was held at the Platoon Kunsthalle, and you can read more about it here.  As you can see, my photos are not the best, but it was a pretty fun and unusual thing to do if you ask me! There are several others taking place in Europe and I am providing you the link here so that you don’t miss out. Enjooy!