5 Things Not to Miss in Jerusalem (well, at least in my opinion)

Yes, unfortunately it is still cold and dreary here in Berlin… so I am continuing on last week’s theme of daydreaming about the sunshine, and my last trip to Israel.

I absolutely adored the atmosphere of Tel Aviv, which I mentioned in my last post, but I also thoroughly enjoyed the incredible energy of sturdier Jerusalem.

Soaked in history, politics, and religion, Jerusalem is a city that is heavily charged, difficult to frame and that has perhaps too much to take in for many. Nonetheless it is one of the most interesting places I had the opportunity of visiting. Here are 5 things I think you shouldn’t miss!

1. The Dome of the Rock

Perhaps rather the cliché- but do get up early to make the complicated visiting hours. This famous golden dome really is as breathtaking as one would anticipate.  A mystical site of dispute it is a symbol of faith but also of much sorrow, and it deserves to be witnessed glistening splendidly in the sunshine.

Jerusalem Old City

2.     The Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Considered the site where Jesus’s tomb is located, this dark and heavily decorated church in the old city of Jerusalem is soaked in mystique and devotion. Not only is the intricately decorated building a beauty to explore for those who love labyrinths, it is also the epicentre of Christian pilgrimages.

3.     Yad Vashem

 Israel’ s Holocaust museum and memorial is absolutely mind-blowing if you are interested in history and archival material. I think few museums have succeeded to this extent in collecting, preserving and reorganising the heritage of a culture subject to genocide. If there is one museum about Jewish culture you should visit, this is it! Sadly my hometown in Italy, Trieste (which I’ve mentioned before) wasthe site of the only extermination camp in Italy during the IInd World War. I was moved to tears at Yad Vashem seeing that someone had collected the shoes of those that were killed at the Risiera di San Sabba in Trieste. In a city of 204, 000 people with a high percentage of Jews amongst the population, it was a big deal for me to think of how many citizens disappeared.

4.     Mahane Yehuda Market

On a lighter note, do not miss Jerusalem's hip little food market. Have a cup of delicious coffee and stroll through the different food stalls- don't forget to grab some delicious Lebanese food at Manou ba shouk

5.     Machneyuda (the restaurant not the food market ;-)

If there is one place to eat at in Jersulem this is it. The atmosphere is amazing: think rich creative food, contagious music and desserts served on a door instead of a table-splashed down in front of you like some Pollock acrylics on canvas. I won’t say more- just go and EAT here!




  The Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Jerusalem Old City




 The Dome of the Rock

Temple Mount

Jerusalem Old City 





Beit Yaakov St. 10



 Mahane Yehuda Market

Mahane Yehuda St,

Jerusalem, 91046,




 Manou ba shouk

Ets Khaim Street 29 | Shuk Mahane Yehuda