Coffee run

Alas, I was right in my last entry… autumn did arrive, and rather almighty! The weekend was chilly, with drizzles and full-blown thunderstorms. So I mostly cozied up indoors, reading and watching.

But I did make it down to… tadada… the Berlin Coffee Festival! A 3-day event held in Berlin over the weekend and dedicated to all coffee makers, innovators and the fabulous grain itself. 

I visited the market section of the event, which was held on Sunday at Markthalle Neun (for those who don’t know it, it’s regular gathering of street food stalls held in a stunning old market hall with the most decadently industrial of the ceilings).

*No fire No Glory coffee sticker - Retos Candy Farm Bars - "Coffee Talks"

Needless to say I was absolutely delighted J as coffee is one of my favourite things ever, so I adored ricocheting between one übercool coffeemaker and another, trying different espresso samples. Some of the branding and packaging were pure eye candy and the brews stark and delicious.

Aside from spotting some of the established Berlin espresso institutions such as Bonanza, Five Elephant and The Barn, I enjoyed savouring the creations of newcomers such as Taf and marvelled at the Tres Cabezas coffee Wodka shots.

*Coffee Experts - A happy coffee bean ;-)

A special mention goes to Prana Chai for their yummy chai cups and marvellous styling, to non-drink related goody makers such as Retos Candy Farm with their beautiful wrappings, and to permanent resident Sironi because I have been known to trek all across Berlin just for a slice of Focaccia (this is the best bread in the city, but shh I’m biased because I’m italiana)..

* Prana Chai beauties

*"Regular" Sironi and Eis Waffeln stand

Surprised I made it home without bouncing off the walls after all the caffeine, but oh did I thoroughly enjoy this one. I hope the Coffee Festival comes to town again soon!