6 things to smile about b(uttonhole st)itch

Ok here it goes:

The first truth is, I’ve been absent from here for a while.

The second truth is, that the reason for my absence is not particularly flattering.

Yes indeed, for the most part my life is truly lalala and filled with magical elements, pretty pictures and cosy fires. But as I mentioned in About me, there are also days when I cry rivers and feel as empty as a blank sheet of paper that’s wondering what to scribble itself with.

Perhaps if I had grown up in a more conservative family or in the United States, I would have been diagnosed as bipolar or cyclothimic (I also suffer from PMDD but let’s leave that at that as we are not on Oprah yet ;-) The way things turned out for me in this life however, someone decided I was still allowed to be normal. I just perhaps at times feel things a little more intensely than some (kind of as if you suddenly turned the volume up to the max). My mood can become a little erratic and rollercoastery at times, so it builds up a to climax and then I smash into pieces. Sometimes it can take a few days to glue the pieces back together, but in the end I always get back to the surface intact and I even forget just how deep to the bottom of the ocean I had swum.

Anyways to make a short story even shorter, I‘ve been away on one of my (lunatic ;-) ‘journeys’. But since I am sure that amongst the Supermen out there there’s also a few of you that are thin-wood Matrioskas like me, I thought I would share 6 images / postcards that instantly make me smile. Because collages can help you piece yourself together. At least for today.

There’s a chance they might make you smile too. Well and if not, you should go find your own pictures and turn your day from orange to blue.  Or blue to orange ;-)

1)   There is magic! There are moments like this evening I spent sitting outside Drei Schwestern, a lovely restaurant in Kunstlerhaus Bethanien in Kreuzberg in Berlin. Suddenly you will look up and the lighting, the trees and the haziness will combine perfectly into a wonder moment that’s exactly the right size for your eye to catch.

2)  There are breakfasts in bed! This one was brought to me by my mother in Trieste, my hometown in Italy. It caught the beautiful sunshine of a new day streaming through the window. Note: be kind, be kind and be kind so that eventually one day you will eventually ;-) be sure to find someone that will be willing to breakfast you in bed.

3)   There is art and there is craft! The world can surprise you like at Ngorongoro during Berlin Gallery Weekend.  A secret ballerina can hang out inside an oil tank and there are beautiful minds that make these things happen!

4)   There is love! There are people that will give you a homemade cow-shaped strawberry ice lollipop driving home from the airport on a scorching hot day. Just because. They want to.

5)   There’s a cactus in the bathtub. At Hallesches Haus :-)  I find plants enormously expressive. Nothing else living quite moves me to tears with such grace and stillness.

6) There are pretty carpets. And knobbly alien feet. And the two can live happily ever after together with true comfort. You can have long, skeletal and truly vulnerable feet and people will still find you reasonably attractive. Either the world is generous or shoes are the best accessory ever invented.