South Germany, a walk around Stuttgart and Golfing

The last two weeks have been a bit hectic because I have been moving around a little and a lot. First I went to Belgium, and then last night I returned from 3 days in the south of Germany, which were spent with Maultasche’s lovely family. 

Incidentally, upon my return to Berlin I also found the time to squeeze in a fab concert played by Beirut at the Columbiahalle :-) I thought I should mention it because these musicians played absolutely top-notch and they deserve a big up if anything!

Anyways, like I said, I am slightly unfocused because I have been spinning around frequently ;-) but I thought I would nonetheless share a few photos of my visit to the south of Germany and the small wander I took around Stuttgart. 

The main square in Stuttgart and clocktower


As you can see below I visited the city’s Markthalle (Food Market Hall) and marvelled at the cranberry chocolate slates, the bobbly vegetables, and yes, the fresh Maultasche for sale. I also took a peek at the main square and the castle (very pretty!) before travelling back to the area near Tübingen where we spent a day golfing at Golfclub Schönbuch, celebrating birthdays, and nibbling on some wonderful local produce during a lazy lingering weekend breakfast.

Cranberry chocolate and the delikatessen section @ Stuttgart Markthalle

 Organic vegetables and the grounds @ Schönbuch


 A game of golf and some Swabian breakfast treats


It’s back to Berlin for now, but I enjoyed savouring the fresh country air for a few days and hopefully the sun will soon come out to greet us here in the north of Germany too;-)