A weekend in Belgium

I have been absent in the last few days because I took a little trip on the weekend. I travelled to Belgium to visit my father, who lives in Brussels. Brussels is famous for its unfriendly weather and in truth it did drizzle quite a bit during my stay. I nonetheless had time for several relaxed strolls around the city (I lived here for a little so I didn’t need to sightsee), for an aperitif in Place Sainte Catherine, one of my favourite spots where the city, and for a visit the Brussels Design Market.

Octopus Graffiti by the Brussels Canal and some Belgian Waffles breakfast


The Brussels Design Market was held in a jaw-dropping industrial space just behind Tour & Taxis, a recently renovated turn of the century post office. It had a plethora of some of the best industrial furniture I have seen for a while on display by different Belgian sellers on the occasion of Design September. The entrance ticket was a little pricey, but hey, you got a free G&T and the furniture and surroundings where definitely worth it (I love abandoned buildings ;-).

The industrial paradise hosting the Brussels Design Market


For those of you who are interested in vintage furniture, I also spotted several advertisements for Design Börse, which will be held in Berlin between the 22nd and 24th of January 2016- and which I definitely won’t miss!

            Some of the goods on display  at the Brussels Design Market


Aside from enjoying a wonder around the decaying Gotham City surrounding Tour & Taxis I also savoured some cracking meals during my stay. A highlight was namely viva m' boma, a brasserie serving some wild old-school Belgian dishes such as pig ears and a trilogy of bone marrow, not for the faint- hearted! Always in the Sainte Catherine, the old fish market area, I also recommend Umamido for a hearty bowl of Ramen with all the frills (runny egg and pork neck.;), and Frederic Blondeel for a hot chocolate and some of the most sophisticated pralines you will have the joy of popping in your mouth.

Place Sainte Catherine at dusk and the interior of viva m' boma


It might not have the best weather, but I have grown to love Brussels for its cobbled streets and the hybrid of different cultures that it’s become. There is always a new secret spot to explore, or a hidden corner to discover.

Yummy Tonkotsu Ramen bowl and the interior @ Umamido




viva m'boma

rue de Flandre 17

Bruxelles 1000




Place Sainte Catherine

Bruxelles 1000



Frederic Blondeel

Quai aux Briques 24

Bruxelles 1000