Sugar Crush

From what you’ve read of me so far, you’ve probably gathered that I love travelling, coffee, and exploring new places. You might also have realised, from my café recommendations in the last blog post, that I have an unbeatable sweet tooth.

I however like making desserts as well as eating them. I enjoy the precision of baking and really, I think it’s a little bit magic. You measure, throw in different ingredients, and boom-a creature actually grows from the oven! I also like the idea that a little of you, goes into the things you bake. I once read The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake by Aimee Bender, and since then I’m a strong believer in emotional cooking.


Old Kitchen Cuteness


At the moment I live in a studio with a very small kitchen, which doesn’t really lend itself to experimentations, but over the years I have enjoyed trying out different recipes and I particularly like The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook. I recently made ice cream cookies for Maultasche’s birthday using some amended versions of two of the book’s cookie recipes (chocolate chip and double chocolate), and filled them with vanilla and hazelnut ice cream.  I won’t hide it I was trying to imitate Zwei Dicke Bären, the makers of these fab ice cream cookies that are sold in different venues all over Berlin. Well, turns out my freezer wasn’t the perfect temperature so mine where a little more hard rock ;-)


 One of the famous ice cream cookies and a freshly baked  birthday batch of double chocolate crinkle cookies


By the way, if you’re a foodie like me and you’re ever looking for a source of escapism through stunning imagery, words, and recipes, have a look at Local Milk and Manger you’ll hardly want to come back ;-)


Some cocktail lollipops Maultasche made for the party which also deserve their credit - move over Campari Soda and Moscow Mule, we're talking ice baby!