A little bit of Summer

It’s the beginning of September, and though the sun is still shining a warm glow in the daytime, I can already feel that slight breeze in the evenings that signals the end of summer. It’s my first blog post, and since I’m feeling a little nostalgic I will begin with a flashback to summer and my last holiday, two weeks ago.

At the start of August, I got incredibly lucky and was invited to spend a week in Sardinia at my gorgeous friend’s house, outside of Porto Cervo. Sadly, it so happened that the gorgeous friends who invited us weren’t able to join on the holiday, and so it ended up that me and Maultasche spent a splendid week in Sardinia just the two of us (I have a german boyfriend who for blog purposes is sadly condemned to be named as a good-looking ravioli in order to date a dumpling ;-). 

Sardinian Seaside

I was born and raised in northeast Italy, so I had never been to Sardinia, which needless to say is a little different from mainland Italy due to being an island with separate climate and vegetation. Anyway, I was quite blown away not only by the slightly rugged beauty of the place, but also by the friendliness of the people, the delicious food and the relaxed vibe of the island.

Sardinian Countryside

Move away from Porto Cervo, which itself is a bit yuppie and overpriced for my liking, and you will find beaches with crystal clear waters and farm houses offering delicious organic food, beautiful old buildings and a hilly countryside smelling of myrth and spiked with cactuses.

Aside from basking in the sunshine next to a luxurious oxygen pool, lazying around and cooking pasta, during the week we explored a few different beaches near Porto Cervo such as Romazzino and Spiaggia del Principe, the latter of which, when not overcrowded, has lovely clear and turquoise water.

On those days in which we did feel particularly energetic, we went on excursions. We visited the beaches at Isola Rossa, where Maultasche did some Kitesurfing with a sweet Italian instructor and I worked hard on my tan ;-), and we also stopped to check out some mysterious ruins on the way.

Sardinian ruins

We drove and then took a ferry to the Maddalena Archipelago, an outstanding natural park consisting of several islands surrounded by limpid waters and offering endless beaches and coves to choose from. We chose to bathe at Cala Francese, but drove past Cala Spalmatore and Monte d’Arena, which are also superb beaches.

La Maddalena
Cala Francese at La Maddalena

We went for a little stroll in San Pantaleo, a cutsiepatootsie traditional little village perched on the mountains of Gallura. San Pantaleo is romantic, has some boho chic little boutiques to explore and a lovely food market on Thursdays so I definitely recommend visiting it, if you are in the area.

Lastly another highlight of our trip was a visit to the Agriturismo Lu Brano in Palau, an organic farmhouse offering you the most amazing meal of endless different courses for a very reasonable price and a guaranteed food orgasm. You eat outside under some vines amongst lots of Italian families smoking and chattering, so it’s very atmospheric. The also have a lovely farmshop a few kilometres down the road where we bought the tangiest Pecorino Sardo, a cheese you should definitely pack a slice of in your bag before you leave Sardinia!

By the end of the holiday me and Maultasche were brown as raisins and so stuffed with Mulino Bianco biscuits that we didn’t want to ever leave the beautiful island of Sardinia, but deary dear we love Berlin so we flew home… till next time for now! :-)

Mulino Bianco Biscuits