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As you all know it’s only a 1-week countdown until Christmas! And I thought, since a lot of will probably be receiving cuddles and gifts and kindness... some of you might be interested in returning some love!  I therefore decided to share a cause I happen to really believe in, and which I think is a brilliant initiative.

In many parts of the world, the fight against slavery has been won. This is not the case in Mauritania, where today 4% of the population are still slaves. Most of these belong to the Haratin ethnic group.

                                                   Photo from UNPO's campaign.

                                                   Photo from UNPO's campaign.

Haratin children have a hard life because their ethnicity is not recognized by the government of Mauritania. These children are not provided ID cards, and are therefore denied access to education through normal channels.

Because of this, Haratin children are often stuck in the cycle of discrimination and exclusion which their parents and grandparents have also suffered from. The Unrepresented Nations and People’s Organisation wants to break this cycle with your help. All children deserve an education and a chance to succeed in life. That is theyare launching ‘From Slavery to Success! Read, Write and Smile’.

In the communities of Darel Beida and Riad in Nouakchott, local children will have the opportunity to take part in lessons in reading and writing, for three 2-hour lessons per week, over a 6 month period. They will be given all the materials they need, from a notebook and pencil, to children’s story books in Arabic to learn from. UNPO's local partner, IRA-Mauritanie, which is based in Nouakchott, will help usto recruit an inspiring teacher and organise the lessons.

Having even basic literacy skills will transform their chances for employment and earning a livelihood –  and your donation of just $15 could make a huge difference in the life of a Haratin child!

To make a donation and receive the gift of shaping a child’s future please hop over here.

For more information about slavery in Mauritania, have a read here and here.

Finally to read more about UNPO’s fabulous activities and kind initiatives visit UNPO’s website.

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