Trieste and the meaning of home

Next week I will be taking off to Italy for a few days to deal with some pending bureaucratic things.

I will be travelling to my hometown of Trieste, which for those who don’t know it is a pretty windswept little city on the Adriatic coast of Northeast Italy.

I will no doubt keep you posted regarding my moves, however I just wanted to give you a little insight on the city for now– inspired by my last visit there this summer. That way you can find out a little about it, or in any case you will be able to grab a few tips if you ever randomly happen to pass it by...;-) 

·      Trieste was once part of Austria, so it has an eclectic Austro-Hungarian architecture, and taking a stroll around the centre of town is worthwhile because you will see a lot of beautiful buildings;



·      It is the land of the Capo in B...or rather a shot of espresso topped with another shot of frothy milk cappuccino foam… goodbye giant sloppy Latte Macchiatos! ;-)

Grab a Coffee and perch yourself  on a stool outside the Caffe' Eppinger - watch life go by ;-)

·      If you would like to take a trip down memory lane it has some incredible vintage bathing establishments. Pay a small entrance fee and wile the hours away sunbathing at Bagno Ausonia or the Bagno Lanterna (1903), one of the few remaining establishments in Italy where men and women still bathe separately.

The Bagno Ausonia

·      If you are a fan of old shop fronts or would like to buy some old-fashioned sweets or loose spices check out the Drogheria (drugstore) da Toso, in piazza San Giovanni!

·       If would rather stretch your legs instead, take a walk on the Napoleonica, a 5 km panoramic shore path starting at Villa Opicina with breathtaking views over the underlying bay.


The glorious view from the Napoleonica and my mother's tomato plants


·      Finally, it is my home. Although I left very young(at the age of 15), it is always a place to rest my weary head or take a stroll around my mother’s tomato plants. It is furthermore a quite interesting and unusual place both historically and politically… if you would like to read a little about it , pick up a copy of Trieste and the Meaning of Nowhere by well-known writer Jan Morris.


A place to rest one's head ;-)


Caffe' Eppinger

via Dante Alighieri 2, 

34122 Trieste, Italy



Bagno Ausonia

riva Traiana 1,

34123 Trieste, Italy



Bagno Lanterna

Molo Fratelli Bandiera 3, 

34123 Trieste, Italy


Drogheria da Toso

Piazza S. Giovanni 6, 

34122 Trieste, Italy