Autumn Weekend Wonder

This weekend my mom and dad flew over to visit me from Italy and Belgium. It was the first time my mother came to see me in Berlin, so I tried to organise a few nice places to go to and things to do, as I wanted to make the stay (and her birthday) a little bit special. We were lucky, and the weather was absolutely glorious: crisp blue sky, yellow, gold and pumpkin-leaves-autumn-Berlin perfection, making the weekend pure bliss. 

Strolling around on a gorgeous autumn day

Here are some of the things we did:

-We ate at a couple of scrumptious special-treat places such as Soupe Populaire by Tim Raue. I really just wanted to show my parents the architecture of this place, as Soupe Populaire is in a truly unique venue located inside the former Bötzow Brewery, a gigantic industrial disused space.  I personally think makes for a breath taking place to have your meal and it is run by top star German chef Tim Raue, so we were treated to some traditional East German delights such as Senf Eier (boiled eggs in mustard- tastes waaay better than it sounds ;-) and Schweinshaxe (roasted pork knuckle- weeell… ;-).

The beautiful exterior and interior of the Bötzow Brewery.


Senf Eier and Schweinshaxe ;-)


-We went for a guided visit to the Boros Bunker, a former Nazi bunker now hosting a contemporary art collection owned by the Boros family. Unfortunately one is not allowed to take any pictures of the collection so I cannot show you what the bunker looks like inside- but perhaps more of a reason for you to book a visit when you come to Berlin! Really, it shouldn’t be missed.

-We watched a lovely play inspired by Fassbinder’s film Fear Eats the Soul, at the Gorki Theater in Mitte.

The Boros bunker and the Maxim Gorki Theater facades.

-On the Sunday we had breakfast at one of my favourite places, House of Small Wonder. This ‘secret’ little café’ is tucked away in a hidden spot in Mitte and you would probably never find it without knowing where you were going.  Once inside, you climb up the spiral staircase and you are welcomed into a small greenhouse of hanging–plant snuggles. The breakfast fare goes from delicious french toast with fresh fruit, to filled croissants and delicious Japanese fare (the owners moved their café’ from Brooklyn and are a Japanese and American couple) so you won’t find it difficult to find at least something you would like to eat ;-)

Delicious breakfast at House of Small Wonder :-) 

On Sunday midday my parents left, and part of me wishes we had had more time to explore. But maybe that’s just what the perfect weekend is, the one that leaves you pining for more ;-)



Soupe Populaire

Prenzlauer Allee 242

 10405 Berlin



Boros Collection

Reinhardtstraße 20

10117 Berlin



Gorki Theater

Am Festungsgraben 2

10117 Berlin



House of Small Wonder

Johannisstraße 20

 10117 Berlin