All that Autumn Allows…

As you might remember, last week I mentioned that I would be going on a short trip to my hometown of Trieste to sort out some business. The fact that I had overall very little free time, coupled with a couple of thunderstorms ;-) made it so that I took very few photos, and had very few strolls :-(

Braving the gray Autumn in Trieste ... everything was the colour of concrete on this visit ;-)


I did however have a little time to compare the different stages of Autumn in Berlin and in Italy. In Trieste, most of the trees are lagging a little behind, and they are still a mix of yellow and green shades. Berlin instead at the moment is a whirlwind of mustard and canary hues.  I had never before paid much attention to the timing of seasons, perhaps I never observed it enough, and well I will tell you that now that I’ve started, well it is fascinating really!

The beautiful yellows of Berlin, and Laurel & Hardy on a balcony


Autumn aside I just wanted to give you another little tip if you ever pop by Kreuzberg in Berlin. Go and grab a drink or a coffee at Ora! On Sunday I had the opportunity to squeeze in a latte at this paradise of jars, or rather stunning old Apotheke (pharmacy) turned into an übercool hangout spot. Inside, if you ask me it’s a little bohemian, a little mittel-european, and it feels as if you’d stepped into a Godard movie with dash of Prague, a pinch of East Berlin and a lot of antique medicine jars in it. Go, go,go ! ;-)

Some slightly wonky photos I took of Ora, just so you can get a feel for the atmsophere ;-)




Oranienplatz 14,
10999 Berlin