Only a dot on Dottir in Berlin…


I love food. To the point that often spend far too much time planning what restaurant to visit next or just how much food I will be able sample and squeeze into my body without exploding. I run and I like to exercise, and luckily for me that just about prevents me from turning into a cycling balloon.  But really, that’s just about ;-)

I actually had a completely fabulous meal last night and was so in awe of it that I forgot to take pictures. Well, I remembered at the end, and therefore all that I managed to immortalise of the food and restaurant are the remains of my half eaten dessert.


Sadly the only picture of my Dottir experience :-(


My parents are visiting, and of course I tried to carefully plan, so we took them to an Icelandic restaurant called Dottir. Dottir in Icelandic means daughter, and this beautiful crumbling dining room is in fact run by fabulous chef Victoria Eliasdottir, who is the sister of the equally fabulous artist Olafur Eliasson.

Eliassdottir’s set menu was delicate, buttery and cosy whilst maintaining a particular perkiness, just what you would dream up if you were imagining your ideal Icelandic dinner. The meal was served with a freshly baked basil bread accompanied by some browned melted butter spread. We literally could not stop eating this! Two servings down my father, who is an Italian food dictator, jokingly asked the waitress if we could take some more bread home..

For those of you who live in Berlin, I highly recommend this place. Not only was I hearting the peeling ceilings and decadent interior. The several courses: a delicate beef tartar, a barley carrot and pumpkin mix and the mildly crisp pike did not disappoint and left my mouth watering instead.

If all goes well I will be able to take a short 5 day trip to Iceland in December and needless to say if the food is anywhere near what I had at Dottir I will have to take a couple of extra runs when I am back from the holiday ...:-)




Mittelstraße 41

10117 Berlin