A stroll around Bergmann Kiez and some weekend snippets

Last Saturday afternoon I decided to take a little stroll around Bergmannstraße in the so-called Bergmann Kiez (neighbourhood) of Berlin. The weather was crisp and autumn leaves were falling everywhere, crunching under my feet.


Bergmann Kiez is a rather pretty part of Kreuzberg with gorgeous altbau buildings, some cute little shops and cafés, and the Marheine Markthalle. The Marheine Markthalle is the modern version of a traditional food market hall, which was remodelled after it was bombed during World War II. Today it hosts all sorts of delicatessen retailers, and even a branch of the full vegan supermarket Veganz, making it a great place to grab a midday snack of different varieties. I find food market halls in Berlin rather exciting, probably due to my lack of passion for the supermarkets in this city, and so I checked out each counter quite enthusiastically. 

The pretty architecture in Bergmann Kiez.


Some remainders of the flea market in Marheinekeplatz and some treats on offer at the Marheine Markthalle.


Afterwards I headed to Cuccuma for a coffee and some scrumptious cake, armed with my notebook in hand, in order to do a little scribbling. This café has an upstairs balcony which makes for the perfect spot to perch on and watch life go by.

On Sunday Maultasche and me planned a visit to the Deutsches Technik Museum (technology museum). Before we headed out we stopped by the Bergmann Kiez again for a fabulous Turkish breakfast at Alsancak Simit Sarayi. This is a traditional Turkish café’ (Berlin has a few of them) which served some crunchy Simit (Turkish sesame bread rings) and some fab eggs with sucuk (spicy garlic sausage). We actually had so much sucuk we probably asphyxiated many a museum visitors, vampires or non! ;-)

I have to admit, that although I am not the ‘technology’ girl, I enjoyed visiting the museum. I saw some beautiful antique train carriages, an old brewery, and the highlight for me was the top floor of the museum, where you could play around with several old film-making devices such as stroboscopes and camera lucidas- peeking through ‘secret holes’ to witness some magical animated imagery.


A beautiful autumnal Berlin and a perhaps frightening amount of Sucuk-based turkish breakfast from  Alsancak Simit Sarayi.


Alas as always the weekend went by too quickly, and Monday witnessed a sharp drop in temperatures (I am finding it way too cold for October). This is making it harder to find oneself sitting back at the diligent work desk, longing for the Sunday sunshine :-).




Marheine Markthalle

Marheinekepl. 15, 10961 Berlin




Zossener Str. 34, 10961 Berlin



Alsancak Simit Sarayi

Gneisenaustr. 3, 10961 Berlin



Deutsches Technik Museum

Trebbiner Str. 9, 10963 Berlin