About Me:

My name is Allegra, and sometimes just eating an ice cream can make my day. Then there’s the times where nothing in sight, neither the desert, the seas, nor the whole wide world  will make me smile.

So I stumble, somersault, hiccup and tumble through life like the rest of us. With highs that are roller coaster rides and lows that are lurking in a dark pine forest, quiet and surrounded by the smell of musk.

I teach, write and bake mean desserts that are overly emotional. I travel with my whole heart and am an expert at cycling clumsily through Berlin, where I live. The in-betweens I spend delighting in the details of life, because our world truly is spectacular, fancy and extravagant, and nothing should go to waste!

There are many places to go, sweets to savour, smiles to absorb and waters to dip in. fancydumpling is where I tell you about it, because you shouldn’t miss out! Perhaps you can try something too, learn something new or just spiral along with me, if these are things you already know ;-)

Here to you are my good days. Yes, they’re fancy at times or a little too filling, cute and murderous all in one dumpling, and collected all in one blog.


If this didn’t satisfy and you wish for further contact with an italian drama queen, please email with your enquiries.